Wood Floor Cleaning Supplies

More and more people are choosing hardwood floors for their home because of its rich texture and the beauty it lends to the surroundings. Taking care of wood floors, however, is not always easy. This kind of floor is not resistant to the amount of spills, grit, food and water that they can receive on a regular basis, which is why they require extra care.
A beautiful floor calls for beautiful furniture to go with it. Although most furniture comes with protective pads to protect your floor, some such as antiques do not. The legs of heavy furniture can easily scratch your floors which is why you need to make sure that they all have protective pads on their legs to prevent any scratching.Wood Floor Cleaning: Removing Rejuvenate or Orange Glow From your Floors 

Keeping your floor clean is a must. Remember, not all wood floor cleaning supplies are designed for all wood floors. Contact a good flooring professional or the manufacturer of your floor for the best cleaning supplies that you could use for your floors. Using wood floor cleaning supplies that are not suitable for your floor can void its guarantee or warranty.
There are some parts of your floor which experiences high traffic such as hallways and door exits. It is always best to protect them using walk off mats and rugs to cut the stress level that these floor areas experience..
Manufacturers recommend a certain maintenance routine such as sweeping and vacuuming, and you need to make sure that you follow this religiously. Doing so would help your floor retain its beauty and last longer, and save you money in the long run. This should be a regularly scheduled event, with extra attention before and after high traffic activities such as parties.
Using high heel shoes on wooden floors is okay as long as they are kept in good condition. The rubber that’s stuck to the heels will wear out in time so you need to make sure that it is replaced on time. Also make sure that you trim your pets’ nails regularly to prevent them from scratching your floor.
Although there are a couple of tips listed on this article, the most important thing that you need to remember is to call your floor’s manufacturer before using any wood floor cleaning supplies. Pay special attention to the warranty conditions on your flooring if you have them or can look them up online, as this can help guide you in maintaining a beautiful floor for a long time to come.