We Buy Houses Colorado – Misconceptions

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Every potential buyer must be given a form known as an Agency Disclosure Form, which explains a potential buyer’s rights. A buyer can either be represented by a Seller’s Agent, Buyer’s Agent, or Dual Agent. While in most of the country, a home buyer hires a buyer’s agent, historically, in much of the New York metropolitan area, much of the representation has been a Seller’s agent. In the former case, a buyer is represented by someone in a client relationship, while in the latter, a customer relationship. Dual agency often creates conflicts, and because of that, must be fully disclosed, or it is not legal! Who would you rather have represent you, someone representing your interests, or someone whose allegiance is owed to the homeowner? Have a look at We Buy Houses Colorado for more info on this.

1.Listing price: Is it too high, low, or mid – range? Different scenarios make it wise for a homeowner to use one of these strategies, over another? For example, I recently used the low – range, strategy, saw enormous demand, witnessed incredible number of views, and a huge number of over – listing price, offers. A home buyer should understand which one is being used, in order to be able to craft the right type of offer, if interested. Sometimes, one can offer below a listing price, at that price, or, perhaps, over the listing price.

2. They know it all – don’t need agent: Sometimes, this may be the case. But, unless someone is fully aware of a specific market, including conditions, mortgages, various options/ strategies, etc, it often is to their advantageous to hire a quality, professional!

3. Competition and comparisons: How do you examine and consider the proper price range? Some look at estate appraisals, tax assessments, or listing prices, but, often, selling price is quite a bit different from these! Compare and understand the competition! Local real estate professionals do so constantly!

4. Timelines: Before a qualified buyer should go house – hunting, he should consult a lender, to receive a Pre – Approval letter, which indicates, how much mortgage he qualifies for. Realize, this is quite a bit different, from merely a pre – qualification! Know your timelines, and when you might wish to make the leap!