Debris Removal Modesto – An Info

Removing debris from tall structures and high-rise buildings safely, efficiently and cost-effectively is rather challenging. While metal dumpsters might be suitable for disposing of ground level debris on construction sites, they are way too heavy, cumbersome and bulky to be hoisted on rooftops or to clear debris located several stories above ground. Debris Removal Modesto

Using chutes to slide debris down into a dumpster is not the ideal solution either for several reasons. First, maintaining chutes in good working order is labor intensive and requires frequent repairs due to the friction, tearing, and damage that sharp objects and abrasive materials commonly found in industrial debris can cause to the chute fabric as they slide down. In addition, dumping debris down a chute from an elevation generates a lot of airborne particles, dust and pollution that could present a significant health hazard to workers and the general public.

Fortunately, there are new special debris removal dumpster bags on the market that are perfectly suited for this task and are ideal for the roofing and construction industry. These lightweight dumpster bags weigh under 10 lbs and measure roughly 36″ in width, length and height respectively. They are frame-less, self-standing and unlike other flexible dumpsters and traditional metal containers available on the market, they are so light and compact, that they can easily be deployed by one person in under five minutes on any rooftop, even on the tallest high rise buildings.