Commercial Coffee Makers

When you look at the number of different types of industrial coffee makers, you start to understand that this is a big industry. All the various types below are for specific needs which may vary in different places.

The Pod Brewers single cup can be found in Hotel and Motel Rooms. They are also used in offices and restaurants, especially when a client wants a special coffee. This eliminates making a pot full of coffee which is most likely not being used to the full. Pods are premade small coffee ground tubes. The operator will pick the brew control to be moderate, medium or heavy to produce one cup of coffee when the pods are inserted into the Brewer. -pod has the specifics of what kind of coffee, standard, decaf, etc., and whether the coffee is simple or aromatised. The coffee beans stay in the pod for quick discard after reference to learn more about this.

Another location for a commercial pod coffee maker might be in the home where somebody only needs a nice specialty coffee taste once in a while.

Pour-over coffee brewers are the most common type of coffee maker, for commercial or home use. Pour-overs, as they are commonly called, as you make sure you’re using a good filter, create a good cup of coffee. These are used in hotels, public building cafeterias, and college campuses. Most companies also sell coffee stations on a warming plate that is part of the brew station with two or more glass decanters. The brewers for pour-over can require water poured into a holding tank, or a water line may be connected. Wherever they’re needed they’re typically at that spot for a certain amount of people. The great advantage of using airpots for this sort of brewer is. Such devices may hold coffee hot without the need of use for long periods of time. Many airpots simply loose one to two degrees of heat every hour.

Coffee brewers will brew up to 400 cups of coffee an hour via satellite. Such satellite brewers are designed to promote the transport of a significant amount of coffee to various stations, such as a convention center where many meetings are held in different rooms. For this sort of brewer the shuttles carry one and a half gallons and keep the drink hot for an extended amount of time.