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It’s crucial to find ways to make your company stand out when it comes to promoting your Nail salon. The more compelling and eye-catching the advertising, the better response you’ll get. Here are some great ideas which might help bring your nail salon to the next level. If you wish to learn more about this, visit NStyle Beauty Lounge.

Punchcards-It is important to reach new customers with a service industry including nail salons but it’s essential to keep those consumers faithful to your salon. Getting a customer loyalty program is a great way to keep clients who need nail services back to you. Printing cards with your business information and a special offer which can be withdrawn after a certain number of visits (or some amount of money spent) helps customers feel satisfied and allows them to buy.

MAN-icures-Men’s grooming facilities are a thriving market these days, so the nail salon is no longer just for the girls! Getting a deal or special service which is just for guys is a perfect way to tap into a demand that has never been entered until now. Advertise these promotions using a sticker that clings to your storefront windows-it’s easy to remove if and when you complete the sale, and you can save them away for reuse.

At-Home Nail Parties-Take your customers to school! Social interaction often leads to good feelings and can provide you with a better way to build company. Tell your best customers to consider hosting a nail party for their closest friends in the comfort of their own home, where they can enjoy your excellent service. Clearly you won’t be able to include all of the supplies, but there will still be a streamlined service list that you can encourage with car magnets on your employee cars while they move around the area.

Competitions-Part of the process of selling nail salons is selling the workers ‘ expertise, so build a competition to find the perfect nail style. Encourage your customers to try new and exciting projects, then film them for advertising and voting for other consumers. The winning employee (and client) might get a special prize! Build a sign to display in front of the lounge advertising the contest and inviting people to come in and participate.

Customer Interaction-It is crucial that you connect with your clientele outside of the transaction for any company, but particularly those that have a regular relationship with clients (like a nail salon). Use platforms such as social networking sites is a great way to give prospective clients an insight into your life. Encourage them to add to your market by telling them what they like about your shop, what differentproducts and/or services they want to see, what they like best.

These are just a few of the great ideas to use in your nail salon to generate buzz. If clients think to you, that implies that you are doing something well that will ultimately bring you new business. At the end of the day, taking a risk could pay off huge, so do whatever it takes to get your salon into your clients ‘ minds!

Michael Allen serves in Boston, Ma as the Marketing Director. He has worked for over 20 years for big companies as well as small local enterprises. His extensive business expertise places him as a specialist on helping companies grow through the use of marketing tactics.