Mobile first index seo tips

The bottom line to set up a profitable online company is bringing as much targeted traffic to your site as you can. That’s easier said than done though, as there’s not one technique that you can implement. Website owners often consider SEO because it helps ascend the search engine rankings, but website design is also overlooked part. It’s just focused on in the name of aesthetics.

If you want to learn how the SEO and website design will impact your business growth potential, you can read on.

Healthy architecture of the website

The design of websites defines the user interface, and is therefore important. In traffic poor user experience will eat.

Load time-The layout, the graphics and the design elements have a huge say in how quickly the website can load. Websites that load slowly are a big put off. Research show that people only wait for a page to load for 3-5 seconds. When this is not the case, instead they turn.Feel free to find more information at Impacts on SEO From mobile index

Design-The look is complicated by very busy and complex templates. The way your content is organized also affects your capacity to create trust. At a glance, important content should be visible; place it in front and centre. Clicking through again and again can get really irritating. Keep all within easy reach.

Visuals, font and color schemes-The use of stock imagery is recommended. Also, don’t use too many on-page visuals; this gives a cluttered look. Evite pre-made templates; work with a designer to create a logo that represents your business philosophy and practices. Small and exceedingly cursive font styles are difficult to read. The color scheme you are considering should not be too distracting and should not be too boring either. Hold the look going, and feel consistent. Strategically use colors for headlines around your website with bolder colours.

Mobile optimization-Because of the multifunctionality of smartphones, we also use it to make phone calls, text, talk, check emails and browse the web. Hence the watchword is responsiveness to mobile platforms. Otherwise, two pages would have to be set up and managed, and that can get pretty daunting.

Pop-up advertisements-While you ‘re trying to monetize your website with all those advertisements, it’s distracting if you’re suddenly popping up while reading. When you need to have advertisements, hold them in prominent places but not where they may conflict with other activities.

Using HTML5 to expand views of the web.

Look for design trends that can stand the test of time when building your website; those you don’t have to keep updating.


Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO) takes care of the website’s content factor. SEO activities are what offer you visibility on search engines.

Create rich content, which is informative, easy to understand, authentic and reliable to start with.

Planning a particular topic for each page, instead of saying everything on a single page. Target any page with a specific keyword. That technique helps, since when indexing websites, the search engine bots crawl from one domain to the next.

Look up your respective specialty list of high ranking keywords and include them in the post-content and meta-tags. This should also be used in definition of the title and meta. Keywords help you find your stuff.

Split up the text to make it more readable. Use ballots and count. Using subheadings so that visitors to the website can pick what they want to read, rather than reading it all. The text is divided into subsections.