Massage Therapy Overview

We’ve learned a lot about the various massage therapy modalities that are available today, but did you know that many of these massage therapy treatments are used as complementary medicine on cancer patients, chronically-ill and terminally-ill patients, and other common health conditions?

According to the American Cancer Society, there are numerous healthcare options that individuals can facilitate to help in healing, and in pain management. One massage therapy, in particular Acupressure (or Shiatsu) is commonly used to help reduce early nausea related to chemotherapy.

Another massage therapy treatment used as part of a complementary medicine regimen in cancer patients is craniosacral therapy. While there is no scientific evidence to prove that cancer can be cured with these therapies, craniosacral massage therapy is known to help people suffering from cancer to relax; and can provide stress reduction, relief from muscle tension and headaches. Check out here Carolina ChiroCare and Rehab

A good massage therapy treatment for migraine sufferers might be reflexology. In a Danish study carried out in the last part of the 20th Century, 81% of the participants claimed to have been either cured or helped by reflexology. Of course further studies are needed to evaluate these claims, but studies like these offer hope to millions of chronic headache patients.

Myofascial release is a massage therapy that focuses on the body’s “fascia,” (connective tissue system). This particular bodywork is believed to improve posture, help in pain reduction, and to combat symptoms of illness. Likewise, another popular form of bodywork therapy – myotherapy, is believed to reduce 95% of all muscular pain.

Women may wish to opt for massage therapy during pregnancy. A usually safe preventive health treatment, prenatal massage therapy and acupressure massage are known to decrease insomnia, neck and back pain, reduce leg edema and help to prepare muscles for childbirth.

Overall, most types of massage therapy are known for their innate healing attributes, which include reduction in anxiety and depression, pain relief, and enhanced energy. Whether you are searching for a non-invasive health treatment, or are seeking an education in massage therapy, it is always a good idea to carefully research the type of massage therapy in which you’re interested. Furthermore, a number of massage schools may offer massage therapy clinics at a reduced cost to the public. Other important note to make is that while there are numerous styles of massage, not every one may be right for you; before starting any new healthcare treatment, it is always wise to check with your personal healthcare provider to make certain that massage therapy is advisable.