How To Pick Hottest Stripper From Strip Club

Certainly, going to the strip clubs can be good fun, but these adventures can also turn into a financially damaging, frustrating waste of time and money. You may want to check out Get the facts for more.

Let’s be honest — wouldn’t it be great to master how to pick up strippers and hang out with them OUTSIDE of the strip clubs, instead of blowing your money on pointless lap-dances and ludicrously expensive alcohol?

I can explain to you precisely how to mack on strippers and give you a detailed course of action that lets you engage strippers in “tactical” conversations — so that the strippers stop viewing you as a normal patron, and feel sexual interest in you.

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Next, I’ll give you a reliable tactic to acquire her phone number, lock down a plan to hang out with her later, and close the deal — without wasting money.

But before I proceed into the details of how to pick up strippers, consider this: do you act like a typical customer at the strip clubs — answering HER questions, going along with HER suggestions (which typically involve YOU spending money), and wasting your cash when she wants you to?

Seriously, is that how you act in the strip club? Or, do you encourage sexy exotic dancers to go along with YOUR routine? The big question is, do you communicate a sense of lighthearted, masculine confidence every time you talk to sexy strippers — so that the strippers never view you as yet another chump — a guy who is easy to fleece for his money?

When I talk about acting a bit cocky and confident in the strip club, it means that if a sexy stripper asks you “do you want a dance,” you might flip it around and pretend like you didn’t hear her correctly — and SHE is asking you to dance for HER. You say…

“Do I want to dance for you? Well I guess I could, but I charge a hundred bucks for three songs — and no touching me below the belt.”

By the same token, if the stripper asks you “can you buy me a drink?”, you say…

“I guess I COULD buy you a drink, but before I do that I want to knowif you and me are going to get along. So, tell me something about yourself that these other dudes in here would never suspect about you.”

You want to encourage her to disclose her secret ambitions, and perhaps even a hidden talent, that she normally would never reveal to a dude she encounters at work.

Next, I can show you a sequence of deal-closing tactics that enable you to take this connection OUT of the strip club… and eventually, to your bedroom.