Healthy Coffee Benefits

Is there such a thing as “Healthy Coffee”? What are the benefits of healthier coffee for your health?

In this article, I will cover some known facts about the standard unhealthy coffee. Then show you there is actually a healthier coffee available and what the benefits are when you start drinking this healthier coffee. learn this here now is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Some facts about Coffee

– Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world

– Second largest consumed product next to water being the number one.

– World wide, according to statistics from the International Coffee Organization, people drink about 1.4 billion cups of coffee a day. About 45 percent of it is consumed in the USA.

This is a huge industry and billions of dollars are being made every single day. Everyone knows ‘Star Bucks’ and ‘McDonalds (McCoffee)’. These two giant corporations sell coffee in many different flavors and they are not in the coffee business to make people more healthy. They knew the facts and created a billion dollar plus business, with billions of people world wide being addicted to coffee.

Healthier Coffee

Being a heavy coffee drinker myself I hated instant coffee. This always had an after taste and did not even taste like the coffee I consumed on a daily basis. I know many of you can relate to having to have your morning cup of coffee in order to get your day started. I experienced stomach acid problems, did not get enough sleep and headaches which I all related back to the coffee I was drinking. A very good friend of mine let me taste a sample of what she called ‘Healthier Coffee’. It was instant coffee so yes I was a little bit skeptical, but I did drink it. The aroma and the coffee flavor was great! It tasted even better than my regular coffee brand.

After I discovered this healthier coffee, I did some research on it and found out that it hardly has any caffeine (superior brand of Arabica beans used). More importantly, it is infused with a herb called Ganoderma Lucidium, or red mushroom. This red mushroom has been used in China for over 4,000 years for medicinal purposes, also known as the ‘King of Herbs’. When you do some research on the internet, you will find many businesses who offer this healthier coffee, but only a few really use the power of the Ganoderma or Reishi (Japan) herb.

Healthy Coffee benefits

There has been extensive research to what effects this red mushroom has for your health, here is a list of what it can do for you and your body:

* It will give you more energy and reduce fatigue

* It will increase your brain activity

* Will make you feel young and refresh again

* Improves/boosts your immune system (good alternative for the swine flu too!)

* You will sleep better (For people who suffer from insomnia)

* Healthy weight loss (Instead of pills or other costly weight loss programs)