Deck Building with Alternative Materials

On a warm summer evening, with the smell of barbeque wafting over from the grill, it’s difficult not to appreciate the simple beauty of a nice outdoor deck. Once the deck building is completed, the main challenge will be maintaining the deck. There are a variety of building materials that can help you maintain your deck over the years. Check Deck Building Companies near me¬†

Using alternative materials for your deck building project can make maintenance easier at the same time that you provide for environmental responsibility concerns. Lumber come from trees, and incase you’re totally lost in the loop of corporate-biased television programming, you’re already aware that the depletion of our forests continues to increase at an alarming rate.

Luckily, there are new technologies and alternative building materials that allow one to take on a deck building project with renewed gusto, for they offer environmentally sound materials as well as deck building materials that will last for years and years, with much less maintenance than the traditional wood deck.

Trex is one of the first deck building companies to incorporate recycled materials into their deck pieces. A combination of reclaimed plastic from consumer products and shopping bags are combined with wood fiber that may otherwise go to waste. These materials are then formed into planks and installed in very much the same way that traditional deck wood planks would be installed.

The Trex deck building materials are extremely resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation as well as all forms of weather and exposure related issues of damage. The boards will not chip, splinter, warp or rot. The plastic portion of the mixture protects the wood from rotting. As such, there is absolutely no need for applying a sealant or deck paint.

So instead of reapplying deck paint for weather sealing varnish, you can do nothing! These post-consumer recycled deck building boards make horrible termite food as well! With all of these benefits, to the environment, the pocketbook and future weekends NOT spent maintaining your wood deck, it’s a wonder that anyone is still building the traditional wood type of deck at all.