Connecticut Bail Bonds Group-Things To Know


Women in Bail Shares

The bail bonds business is one that is dominated mainly by men because of the risk and danger involved in detaining a criminal if need arises. Bail bonds evolved from the posse days when individuals were forced to take vigilante justice in rural areas where their laws could not be enforced properly by government. Because of this, a patriarchal mindset dominated the primary nature of the business. It is typically perceived that a bail agent or bondsman is a rough and rough individual who is tenacious and determined, but this is not always the case.Have a look at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group for more info on this.


Although a bounty hunter ‘s role is one that requires a high level of risk, this is not the same as a bondman or bail bond agent for training, skill and tactics. Women have become increasingly more prominent in recent years as bail agents and in some cases even find themselves embracing positions in the bounty hunting or fugitive recovery market. A good reason for that is because of the number of ex-military women in modern times. These women have already served their countries and put themselves in the path of harm to ensure public and nation protection. Former females in the military and law enforcement started transitioning to the bail bonds industry.

Beth Chapman is the most celebrated female in the industry. Not only is she the wife of the famous Dog Chapman or “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” she actually started her career when she was 21 and at the time was the youngest women in the bail bond industry in the state of Colorado. She has been involved in changes to Colorado’s legislation regarding the commercial bail industry, and her reputation precedes her in the industry.

While there are many more examples of women making enormous advances in the bond industry, their names remain hidden from the public. Actually, there aren’t many well-known bondsmen with public reputations except for the ones mentioned above. In the industry having mixed genders is a disguised blessing for a variety of factors.