Note on Green Card Social Security Benefits

  1. I am engaged and my fiancé and I want to know more about the immigration process to obtain my permanent residence.

Answer: Great Question. The best time to learn about the “green card” process for a couple is when you are engaged. The immigration process will not actually begin until you are married. However, for newlyweds Immigration always evaluates the couple’s relationship prior to their marriage as well as after they have tied the knot. The immigration process will begin with the filing of your immigration petitions. The second step is the pending phase where you can continue to build your case in anticipation of your interview. The third step is the “green card” interview. Based on the unique facts of my clients’ cases I usually discuss the processing times and our case strategy at our consultation. green card social security benefits

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  1. My husband and I are newlyweds and we are trying to figure out how to start the immigration process.

The best way to start the immigration process is to start gathering all of your personal items such as your birth certificates, passports, visa, I-94 card, marriage certificate, divorce decree(s) if any. The next step is to schedule a consultation to gain detailed information on the immigration process.

  1. I entered the United States on someone else’s visa and now I am getting married to my wife and I want to apply for permanent residence in the United States. Can I apply for permanent residence?

 Generally individuals who have legally entered the United States and are now married to US citizen may apply for permanent residence despite the fact that they have overstayed their visa or they have worked without immigration’s permission. However, the key point is that the applicant is required to prove legal entry. If you entered on someone else’s documents then this is not legal entry. If there is no legal entry the applicant will have to explore some other options in order to gain permanent residence through his/her spouse.

  1. Presently my driver’s license is expired and I need to work. Will I be able to obtain my work permit and get a new license while my green card case is pending?
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 Generally the answer is yes. If you are eligible to apply for permanent residence “green card” in the United States Immigration will provide you with a work permit while your case is pending. Once you have received your work permit you may present that document to your local DMV office to obtain a new license. If you do not have a social security card you may also present your work permit to your local social security office to obtain a social security number.

  1. I have heard from many individuals that the immigration process is very long. If I hire an attorney will my processing time be reduced?

Whenever you submit your petition to Immigration there is a suggested processing time based on Immigration’s current workload. The processing time can be drastically extended if you did not submit a complete application or if your documents have not established that you are eligible for your benefits. As a result of that Immigration may request additional documents or send a notice that they intend to deny your case. All of these actions will delay your case and add to your processing time. For our clients we work to ensure that they receive the shortest processing times by preparing their case to avoid the unnecessary delays due to Immigration’s request for evidence and Immigration errors.