Finding The Best Golf Cart Rentals Near Me

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There are many avid golfers in today’s society and the vast majority of these enthusiasts takes pleasure and gains pride in owning their own golf cart. Many opt to purchase new carts while some for various reasons buy used golf carts. These are usually less costly but with no warranty on parts and services may put the owner at risk. Golf Cart Rentals near me

Some Considerations

The age of a used cart should always be taken into consideration as this will help to evaluated how much it has been used. A cart’s serial number can be used to find out how old the cart is and if it has ever been involved in an accident or even if the cart may be stolen. One should never buy a cart when the serial number is not intact and valid. Individuals should also be weary of buying a cart that has been rented for use at a country club or by a golf course because not everyone will have treated these as if they were their own and mistreatment is common. Another tip would be to think about the area where used golf carts are being offered for sale as this may help in estimating how much the cart has been used. Some areas of the country experience a longer season of weather appropriate for playing golf than others.


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There are many custom golf carts available. When buying used golf carts many of the accessories are intact and functional. Many have top of the line tires and custom rims. Others boast high-end stereo systems and some have fans for optimal cooling in the heat. However most carts are very plain and offer just the necessity of getting around the golf course without walking.

Before You Buy

Used golf carts should always be driven before purchase to see if the steering is smooth and how the overall cart handles. The body of the cart should be inspected as well for cracks, scratches, or other signs of mistreatment. Many are advertised for sale as is meaning exactly it says, that you are getting the cart just like you bought it and there is generally no refund of the purchase price. A reconditioned model has usually been overhauled and most all repairs needed have been made by the seller. These will probably cost more but may offer some sort of warranty for a certain amount of time.