3D Digitizing Services Near Me

What Types of Companies Benefit From Laser Scanning?

Since its invention in a commercial capacity, laser scanning has been primarily associated with engineering and reverse engineering. But it also serves a wide variety of companies and organizations that have need of a laser scanner’s ability to capture the precise coordinates of an object or environment. For example, police departments use laser scanners to scan crime and accident scenes to gather evidence, and historical preservation societies use laser scanning to collect the coordinates of heritage objects and structures for restoration purposes. If your company needs to gather the precise physical data of an object or environment, chances are that it would benefit from employing laser scanning.Do you want to learn more? Visit Digitizing Services near me.

How Much Does Laser Scanning Cost?

The cost of laser scanning depends first on whether you buy your own equipment or outsource your scanning needs. Commercial grade, tripod style laser scanners can easily cost over $100,000, which leads many companies to hire a 3D digitizing service provider. A 3D digitizing services provider’s fees are based on several factors, including but not limited to: the type of scanning equipment used, the duration of the scanning, the types of data files delivered to the customer and any traveling expenses directly associated with traveling to a customer’s location. Because scanning fees are predicated on a variety of factors, the best idea is for receiving a price estimate is to contact a scanning provider and present your needs.

What if There Are No Laser Scanning Providers in My Area?

Companies that need laser scanning and find no scanning providers in their area sometimes conclude that they’ll have to buy their own scanning equipment and train to use it, which is seldom the case. Although some scanning providers offer their services on a regional basis, many providers offer their services on a national or worldwide basis for two reasons: laser-scanning practices are universal and most scanning equipment is easy to transport.

Is Laser Scanning the Same as Laser Surveying?

The terms “scanning” and “surveying” are often used interchangeably when referring to the basic function of a laser scanner, even by scanning providers. But to be more accurate, surveying, or 3D laser surveying, occurs when a laser scanner is used to scan traditional surveying subjects, such as construction and terrains, while scanning most often refers to the scanning of specific objects, such as a mechanical part, a sculpture, an automobile, etc. However, regardless of application, laser-scanning delivers the same end product to each customer: data models that present varying levels of editing capacity.

Do you Need Scanning Expertise to Perform Laser Scanning?

There are two types of scanning expertise: knowing how to operate a scanner, and knowing how to use scanning results. In the first case, first time scanner users should always receive training due to the cost of scanning machinery and for the sake of producing accurate results. In the second case, training is also necessary for first time scanner users when they haven’t previously worked with scanning results in the form of data models. Many sellers of scanning equipment also offer equipment and application training.